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The Modern Dad Life Family


The Modern Dad Life started in November 2020 as a hobby business and has grown into a community. My name is Marc LeMere, and I am editor in chief of the Modern Dad Life. The page began as a collection of notes on various topics which were collected over months of research during the lockdown periods of 2020. The hardships and loss of life due to Covid19 is a tragedy unprecedented in modern history. However, for some it was an opportunity to re-group and find creative outlets or to conduct additional education and research. The Modern Dad Life is the product of that sort of effort and creates the possibility of growing to something far greater.


My name is Marc LeMere and I am retired from the US Army. I'm currently studying and practicing as a Web Developer. I have had the distinct honor of serving our nation at home and abroad for over 21 years. While serving I have grown as a man, father, and husband while overcoming several traumatic events and countless challenges and set-backs. At every set-back and obstacle, I have rallied back and in the process looked for others that I could help along the way. Mentorship and Community Service are my greatest callings in life and I openly invite any opportunity to assist others or my community in any way I can. The Modern Dad Life is at it's core a resource aimed at bettering each other with sincere motivations and sometimes hard-learned life lessons. 


With your help and a lot of hard work by the team of authors, the Modern Dad Life can grow into a vast repository of insight, reviews and life-lessons for anyone to enjoy and use. Please consider joining us by subscribing to our blog posts, or by becoming an author.

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