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Making a New Year's Resolution that isn't full of shit

As you can imagine by the title, I'm a huge skeptic of New Year's Resolutions. The idea that this year is going to magically be different is absolute crap. Perhaps joining a gym, or starting a diet, or promising that things are going to be different somehow. But deep in our hearts, we know that if we really wanted any of those things, we would have done it by now. So how can we make a resolution that is not full of shit?

First, start by understanding the way things actually change is by accepting and understanding a REAL problem that NEEDS to change. As if it were life and death, like a diabetes patient that needs to change their diet or they will die! When you sit down and think, honestly, humbly, and say to yourself that this thing absolutely can not go on. It must change and I will do whatever steps are necessary to change it, then you are already off on the right foot.

Second, is a road map. Imagine a mountain climber preparing to scale a tall mountain. Before even making an attempt, he or she would look at the mountain and discover the most realistic path up it. Where the problem hand-holds might be, and what kind of equipment might be necessary to get there. In fact, much of the climb will be mental, not overt strength, so having an overall plan from start to finish is crucial to the statistical chances of success. Consider your personal challenges as a long-term obstacle and what the outcome would look like. What does it look like physically, what does the future you experience when you have completed this long journey? Envision it, and then plan it!

Third, take the first step! You have identified and fully grasped the change. You've made a plan and prepared yourself. You have dedicated yourself to this journey. Now it's time to climb. So take the first step! As with the rock climber, it comes down to the very first handhold. And with that, you're on the wall! Then just focus on the second handhold. Nothing else. And then the next. Focusing on nothing other than the next hand-hold and the next. Become the person that understands the overall plan, but embraces and focuses intensely on just the next hand-hold. That person who is determined and understands that success is no more than the next step reaches a further destination. Nothing more, nothing less.

The final takeaway that I want to leave you with is that I firmly believe you can achieve your goals as long as you make them real in your mind. Not just a fantasy, that might happen, one day. Envision you are there at the destination. What it would be like to hit that financial goal. To get down to that target weight. What kind of celebration you might have to reward yourself for that success. Really picture it like a movie in your head. Then make the plan A to Z, and take the first step. The hardest part of working-out has been and always will be putting on your shoes and entering the gym doors.

God bless. And Happy New Year to all!


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